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5 March - 22 May 2016
four memos for
  Sandra Boeschenstein, Barbara Köhler, Schirin Kretschmann,
Tilo Schulz
  Opening: Friday, 4 March, 7 pm  

One year after the two-year exhibition project “six memos for the next ...”, four of the six curators have returned back to Magazin4 at the invitation of Wolfgang Fetz, in order to act in their actual roles as artists and author.
For two years Sandra Boeschenstein, Barbara Köhler, Schirin Kretschmann and Tilo Schulz (together with Jörg van den Berg and Wolfgang Fetz) discussed works by other artists and authors and presented them in ever-changing constellations in the spaces of Magazin4. They have now taken this relationship of speaking and giving space as the basis for their own artistic positioning.
In an extensive floor piece, Schirin Kretschmann has transformed the perception of the entire spatial situation. In the form of a thin layer of powder, blue pigment is settled across the surface of the floor; in this way certain traces of the space’s use have been rendered articulate in a new way.
Sandra Boeschenstein is presenting two new drawings as well as a wall installation featuring a drawn figure, black string, an apple and a sheet of glass. The installation is a gentle spatial assertion, which is proclaimed by the entire wall and creates a concentrated-dynamic counterpart to the expansive blue of Schirin Kretschmann’s work.
Barbara Köhler and Tilo Schulz have developed a multi-part sculptural installation together. Four monumental “sheets” lie, stand or lean in a seemingly skewed, awkward or laconic manner along the wall of the exhibition space. When viewed more closely, the text which has been engraved into the “sheets” and repeatedly had paint poured over it becomes visible on them. Four parts of what may be a single text that stands to – and is in a position to – move its readers through space: in order to combine the parts and to interpret them relative to one another.
The exhibition “four memos for” is a binding reunion at Magazin4 and intellectually elaborates upon language and speaking space. The exhibition is dedicated to Wolfgang Fetz.

Schirin Kretschmann, Superblau, 2016, Courtesy the artist