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5 September – 22 November 2015
Das Als-ob-Prinzip.
(The as-if-principle.)

About esthetic maneuvers and categories as ideological construct
  (curated by Sabine Winkler, with Miriam Bajtala, Adriana Bustos, Sophie Dvořák, Mehmet Fahraci, Ellen Gallagher, Jan Peter Hammer, Ulrik Heltoft/Miljohn Ruperto, Antonia Hirsch, Liz Magic Laser, Adrian Melis, Rachel Reupke, Jonas Staal)  
  Opening: Friday, 4 September, 7 pm  

The exhibition engages itself in the »to-act-as-if« and the »to-be-as-if« in artistic and socio-political systems. The as-if-principle points to the uncleared zones between fiction and reality. Those possibilities reside betwixt the form of both art and politics as well as past, present and future. In Jacques Rancières esthetic regime, art differs from reality because of an as-if-formed difference devised by the artists.
On the one hand the as-if-principle is deployed as an ideological strategy to constitute actuality and control the future. On the other hand as esthetic maneuver to intervene in the split of the sensual and its rearrangement. The artistic works analyze categorical mechanisms of allocation and determination to question systems of classification.

Jonas Staal, Monument to Capital – Part II / Historicizing the Future: A Proposal, (Detail) 2013, Leuchtkasten 84 × 59 cm, Tonspur 3:58 min, Courtesy the artist