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5 December 2015 – 21 February 2016
Landschaft und Vergessen II
(Landscape and Oblivion II)

  With Frauke Boggasch (DE,1975), Philip Grözinger (DE, 1972), Olivia Kaiser (AT, 1983), Bernhard Martin (ED, 1966), Kirsi Mikkola (FI, 1959), Michaela Meise (DE, 1977), Claus Hugo Nielsen (DK, 1974), Andreas Plum (DE, 1977), Avi Sabah (IE, 1977), Helga Schmidhuber (DE,1972),
Curated by
Carsten Fock
  Opening: Friday, 4 December, 7 pm  

Over the past years of having been on the road and working, artistic positions attracted my attention. They impressed me, inspired my seeing and feeling, enriched my thinking within art. It put into perspective what the intellect in art can currently represent. For the exhibition in Magazin4 I want to jump at the chance to present extracts of these positions which are important for my own work. In doing so enable an encounter as supplement and a deepening of what I put under the title »Landscape and Oblivion«. The theme landscape in this connection is to be understood by far and large as a formal caption. >Landscape< will be legible as subtext – in all its historic dimension and new encounter within the framework of the exhibition. In regards to content and in showing the different positions their uniqueness and characteristics are in the foreground. Roman Two implies the extrapolation of a fundamental idea which found its first formulation in the exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien 2013, when works by Per Kirkeby and me were shown together. Behind that stood and still stands the profound conviction that one’ own position, concentration and liberty can only be found in the process of a permanent debate on (art)history.

Frauke Boggasch, Ohne Titel (from: Boris Poplawskij), 2014, oil, graphite on canvas,
190 x 160 cm