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18.07. -05.09.2004


The Aesthetics of B -Movies in Contemporary Visual Arts
Summer Exhibition

"PLANET B" addresses the fantastic world of B -movies and their impact on contemporary artists. The exhibition is an homage to a genre that spans a wide array of productions ranging from sci -fi, horror and splatter movies to western and softporn flicks. 25 artists will attempt a survey of the rare and often trashy fundus of a pop -cultural phenomenon.

Opening event:
Film projection "Best of - Walter Beirendonck"

Curators: Wolfgang Fetz, Judith Reichart

An exhibition by the Bregenzer Kunstverein and Magazin4.
Venues: Palais Thurn & Taxis, Magazin4.
A publication is available.


  Otto Berchem
Madeleine Berkhemer
John Bock
Olaf Breuning

Ellen Cantor

Paul McCarthy/Mike Kelley

Mark Dean
Gardar Eide Einarsson
Brock Enright
Richard Grayson
Julian Hoeber
Ronnie van Hout
Cameron Jamie
Ed Johnson
Peter Land
Peter Lewis / Makiko Nagaya
Matt Marello
Russ Meyer
Raymond Pettibon
Richard Prince
Antoine Prum
Jim Shaw
Suzanne Treister
John Waters
Hans Weigand