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May 20th to August 21st, 2011
  Featuring: Nine Budde, Friederike Feldmann, Nick Oberthaler, Julia Schmidt, Tilo Schulz and Jannis Varelas. Curated by Carsten Fock.  

Control is an exhibition dealing with the subject of containment – in terms of societal and political restraint, but also of artistic and formal performance. I am inviting a number of artists to participate in this show, who, in their own work, have been combining formal issues with political, philosophical or existential topics. For the purpose of the exhibition, I am requesting them to examine their works in relation to such aspects as their ambivalent stance towards artistic (self-)control, the possibility of freedom and criticism, and the dangers of pathos or self-censorship.

At the same time, the works should raise issues of societal superintence: surveillance, standardisation, enticement, punishment and regimentation. It is important, in selecting and compiling this set, to extend a formal bracket into the exhibition space, integrating a large variety of media – ranging from sculptures, drawings, murals to the dissolution of the installative, the blurring of boundaries, and the reflective distancing of individual positions within differing aesthetic formulations. In the process, the political, media-related and cultural terrains will be touched upon.” (Carsten Fock)


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