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3 August - 23 September 2007
Björn Dahlem
  Schwarzes Loch (M-Sphären)  
  The artist on his work

My work deals with scientific theories, utopia and technological futurism. I’m less concerned with the scientific outcome than with the narrative quality of the theories science develops with regards to its cultural enmeshment. I’m interested in science as a means, a method of perception that opens specific doors onto worlds which otherwise would remain hidden. I use theories from the realms of astrophysics, astronomy, quantum physics, psychology, alchemy and magic in an attempt to access secret places. Trying to create a tension between the high-tech environment and science’s initially simple ideas, I use only plain materials that are in stark contrast with the complex content they assert. A perspective of discrepancy between seemingly objective science and its mythological potential thus emerges, fed by underlying human longings and wishes in which everybody can mirror themselves. This procedure is distinctly error-prone, being un-scientific and dotted with blank spots. It’s crazy and strange. It’s precisely this strange twist that I’m interested in. I’m interested in the potential for play, I’m interested in nonsense, absurdity and rubbish. I’m interested in spontaneous thoughts, associations and dreams. My works thus unfold as architectures of thought, as a mental habitat, a space of consciousness. I’m interested in the theories that carry us far into the universe or deep into ourselves. I’m interested in high-wire acts of content and form, in that extreme moment of balance when the equilibrium is about to be disrupted and the lightness of things seems to pull them from the grip of gravity. Weightlessness is the state I want my works to aspire to. I’m interested in the diffuse, the shaking, in appearance, light, humour, absurdity, the subjective, beauty.

Deuterium Stadl (Dunkle Seite)