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Sat 3 Mar – Sun 20 May 2012
David Heitz
In Kontakt (Motive)
  opening: Fri 2 Mar 2012, 7:00 PM  

David Heitz concerns himself with our exterior world, with objects, spaces, and places. In his photographs, sculptures and installations, he “re-works” the conditions of our perception of this extraneous world within equally subtle and lapidary arrangements. While his sculptural intrusions, for the most part, employ objects found on location, or introduce objects to places, where they may well have been present all along, his b/w photographs, usually also taken within the immediate setting of his environments, depict the exterior space. All of these are founded on precise observations of our surroundings. Heitz turns his gaze (and, in so doing, ours as well) on to objects and locations that remain present but are often no longer seen. The question remains open, whether the objects that David Heitz shows us, were “merely” found by him or whether they were not, perhaps, after all, worked over by him; unanswered, too, remains the question, whether he “only” saw them like this or whether he did not, first, earlier, arrange them or set them up, in this way.
The quotidian, including also and especially the trite, thus becomes an event, without becoming spectacular. In a mode of complete casualness, Heitz succeeds in turning the over-familiar, which, for that same reason, has long since become the over-looked, into motifs of our perception. Through discreet alterations of the actual inventory of objects and a silently implied transposition or shift in these objects he alters their relationships between one another and within the spaces they occupy. Everything thus remains within a calm distance – not a bad precondition for taking a new look at the world outside.

The exhibition is a co-production with the Unternehmensgruppe Columbus, Ravensburg, Germany, and is a part of the Columbus Advancement Award for Cutting-Edge Art. An accompanying book will be presented towards the end of the exhibition within the series of “columbus books” issued by Revolver Publishing, Berlin.