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17.07. -04.09.2005
Summer Exhibition


Terry Atkinson I Atlas Group - Walid Raad I Diann Bauer I Cosey Fanni Tutti I Roger Cremers I Shezad Dawood I Jimmie Durham I Doug Fishbone I Liam Gillick I Richard Hoeck/John Miller I Edgar Honetschläger I International Necronautical Society I Hilary Koob -Sassen I Liane Lang I Wolfe Lenkiewicz I Rut Blees Luxemburg I Goshka Macuga I Bruce McLean I Warren Neidich I Klaus Pobitzer | Alain Robbe -Grillet | Martin Sexton | Jalal Toufic | Marc Aerial Waller

"GO BETWEEN" focuses on intervals, intermediate spaces, and interstices; the "in -between" of various domains such as art and politics, art and the body, art and society, art and publicity, art and ethics. The different approaches shown in this exhibition can hardly be categorized, varying from multiple -author to unfinished works, often on the brink of narration. At the same time, the notion of a "go -between" is seen referring to an "interface", a mediator, and the practice of mediation, for instance, between the art work and the spectator.
The exhibition includes 25 works, many of which deal quite aggressively with politics, the body and pornography as "in -between" realms of social life.

Opening performance:
Pobitzer: "Don Giovanni II"

Curators: Wolfgang Fetz, Peter Lewis

An exhibition by the Bregenzer Kunstverein and Magazin4.
Venues: Palais Thurn & Taxis, Magazin4.
A publication is available.