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1 Februar - 6 April 2008
Lee Holden
  Lee Holden: Hoax!
Lee Holden’s Hoax! is a large-scale, multi-media installation in which the artist responds to the powerful influence of corporate culture, focusing upon how developments in computing and the media enforce an abysmally narrow spectrum of unashamedly capitalist ideals. Utilising a wide range of found materials, including reconfigured computers, plastic and metal sheeting, and many other sources, Holden will turn Magazin4 into a parody of a TV game show, completing this “spectacular” visual assemblage with a frenetic collage of images and sounds drawn from the media itself. This borrowed footage has been reworked by the artist, bringing out the coercive nature of the media, and its patronising and hyped-up forms of address. Hoax! also references the Cray-1 supercomputer of the 1970s, and that curious by-product of modern communication, the British telephone box, first launched in the 1920s. Sited at the centre of Hoax!, this object, both practical and symbolic, provides much food for thought.
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