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28 February to 21 June, 2009
The Politics of Redistribution

With Raymond Taudin Chabot, Harun Farocki, (e.) Twin Gabriel, Isaac Isitan, Sabrina Malek/Arnaud Soulier, Anna de Manincor, Elke Marhöfer, Barbara Musil, Ferhat Özgür, Tadej Pogačar and Hannah Starkey.
Curator: Sabine Winkler


The changes occurring within the social and political system over the past 20 years, the neo-liberalization of broad swaths of political, social and economic areas and its societal consequences are pervasive and ubiquitous. The increase in poverty resulting from a disproportionate growth in wealth, the collapse of the solidarity community, the precari-sation of people’s living conditions, the impoverishment of the middle classes and the dramatic threat to the livelihoods of socially deprived population groups are all being touted by the governing parties and their economic experts as unavoidable consequences of the imple-mentation of governmental saving schemes for the restoration of the national budget and as a necessary incentive for the promotion of economic growth.

Meanwhile, the financial crisis has temporarily dissolved the dogma of holding on to one’s savings, just to unfreeze the cash needed for the rescue packages to keep the banks afloat and stimulate the economy. It is being claimed everywhere that all of these financial measures are necessary to avoid any negative effects on the real economy. But is not this only another method of further gutting the state for the finan-ciers’ own purposes? Because, after all, none of this money ever ar-rives in the real economy, whereas it is sorely being missed in the so-cial sphere.

The present exhibition shows artistic positions dealing with the effects of neo-liberal politics, including poverty, educational deprivation, lack of job opportunities and life perspectives for youths, etc. The redistri-bution of capital - in favour of the corporations and share holders and the concomitant re-establishment of societies of social inequality - have put their stamp on daily life in Western societies. Alternative re-distribution systems, such as parallel markets, the global basic income movement or self-organised co-operatives, all try to find new ways of answering their societies’ most pressing questions. Which relevance do concepts like solidarity, common property or social action rate to-day within the social context?

The exhibition "The Politics of Re-Distribution" is a cooperative effort between Magazin4 - Bregenzer Kunstverein and the Open Space Centre for Art Projects / Vienna.

Raymond Taudin Chabot, That Place 2007
(e.) Gabriel Twin, Prosoche 2005
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