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13 October - 9 December 2007
Rob Voerman
Opening: Friday, 12.10.07, 7 pm

The artist on his work

Both my graphic and my three-dimensional work articulates a dialogue between archaic forms of rural life and the modern way of life with its high degree of technicity. The works’ seemingly improvised constructions are reminiscent of the anonymous architecture of barns in allotment gardens and farms. Part of their apparent functionality is in stark contrast with the techniques used in building them. This is often revealed by their self-destructive force, by failure and sometimes even danger. Certainly this also a reaction on the excessive organization of Dutch society, which systematically bans decay, disorder and insecurity from everyday life. In my work I sense the necessity to constantly undermine, alter and recontextualize the images and structures that I perceive in my environment. My work often displays a contrast between craftsmanship and the modern, i.e. technological influences in my topics – a contrast which in my opinion manifests itself in the speed of technological, social and moralistic developments on the one hand and the relative consistency of the human mind, its needs and specificities, since the industrial revolution on the other. I recently started a series of works in which I try to develop an architecture of fictional communities living in remote as well as modern urban areas. These communities are to emerge from a mixture of utopia, destruction and beauty: a symbiosis of hippie communities building wooden constructions tinkering with moral standards, the Unabomber’s hidden shed in the Montana mountains, Art Deco and various other influences. Romanticism combined with the darker features of terror and resistance.
The desire to change reality is expressed in the shape of the architecture, with man trying to escape society and develop a utopian world. On the other hand the work represents a mentality that seeks the conflict with society. The grim buildings that have been integrated into existing architecture as well as other often intimidating constructions represent this conflict-prone aspect. My work is an attempt to react on a fast-changing society, an attempt to simultaneously flee from it and to reflect on these transformations without making a moral judgment. Beside my three-dimensional and graphic works I plan to concentrate on projects and installations in which various functional aspects collide with each other. In Berlin, for instance, I will construct a shed from glass, cardboard and plexiglass embodying a symbiosis between a shelter for the homeless, an architectural office, a house of prayer and a bar. This construction follows “Megafarm”, in which, by manipulating, respectively implementing social forces, I intend to let them play a genuine role. Another work, designed for “The Architectural Association” in London and scheduled to be completed this year, will bear similar features, while the project “Off Centre” in Newcastle addresses the city’ urbanistic situation in an even more direct way.








rob voerman
Real Estate 2006
Courtesy Upstream Gallery

rob voerman
MAGAZIN4, Bregenz