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14 June - 24 August, 2014
six memos for the next …
Vol. 7
in Halt
  Opening: Friday, 13 June, 7 p.m.  

Magazin4 and the Bregenz Art Society cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of >in Halt<. The presentation, featuring works by the Polish sculptor Mirosław Bałka, the Belgian conceptual and visual artist, Ana Torfs, and the German poet Anja Utler, kicks off the final trilogy of the two-year project >six memos for the next…<. Patrons attending the show will be encountering works, which, in their individual and specific ways, will provoke and address the themes of standstill and contemplation. Is there even a need anymore in this day and age for such forms of achieving stillness, of having a time of give-and-take? Is not the quality of our actions, by now, solely being determined by their speed? Or might not a new quality of the urgency of action manifest itself within the process of contemplation? At the centre of the opening night, one of the extraordinary reading performances of Anja Utler will see “her texts [pelting down] upon us like the most wondrous white noise, in the shape of shredded sentences, fragments of verses, traces of quotations, and particles of words” (Susanne Meyer, DIE ZEIT), Interviews with the artists and discourses on the works will conclude the evening. We shall be looking forward to your attendance!